Your business success is our success.

Service For Our Customers!

We work with our clients to improve their operational efficiency through customized end-to-end technology services and solutions’ implementations, with the aim of improving operational processes and enhancing overall performance. Our technology offerings have an excellent maintenance and support component, whether software or hardware.

Our IT experts and service engineers operating throughout the network, our technology solutions are tailored, designed, tested and implemented to meet unique client requirements. An integral part of the success of NextechAsia technology solutions is the onsite training, technical support and servicing provided to our clients for as long as required.



We have various Network services. We can give you the suggestions, designing, developing, and increasing the efficiency with various products and technologies such as Router, Switch, Wireless LAN, WAN Optimization, Security (Firewall/IPS/ATP,…), Application Delivery Control (ADC), DNS Server, Identity System, Network Management, and many more.


Security Services continue to evolve, and now include Security Operations Center (SOC) responsibilities to monitor, analyze and respond to security incidents, Vulnerability scans, Web application vulnerability monitoring, Firewall management, logging and monitoring and configuration management.

Infrastructure Cabling

We bring to you the best-in class Infrastructure Cabling service that offer highest quality and performance. Our comprehensive range of Structured Cabling products help create a smart, scalable, and easy-to- manage network infrastructure.

Data Center / Control Center

We can give you the advantages that naturally popularized the data center concept. Modern data center exist as specialized IT infrastructure used to house centralized IT resources, such as servers, databases, networking and telecommunication devices, and software systems.

Enterprise and Guest Wi-Fi

Deliver a consistent, secure and reliable enterprise guest Wi-Fi experience across every office in your organization. Vendor-agnostic is not the same as supporting standard protocols. Not in our book. We have added specific adaptations in Aptilo SMP to make sure you get the most out of the hardware from our Wi-Fi partners.

Open Source Software Development

Open Source Software is usually a free software product, where developers have access to the source code. They can enhance the program’s performance, add some features, and fix errors. Some examples of such software are LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox, and Chromium.

IoT / Big Data Platform And Analytic

IoT analytics software allows businesses to analyze and visualize sensor data from internet-connected devices. IoT analytics tools are used to understand the continuous stream of structured, unstructured, and time series data produced by connected devices, so that businesses can understand historical data and predict future outcomes. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Focus on your business and take care of the complex setup and maintenance of your virtual desktop infrastructure  and applications based on your needs. Your end users receive secure, anytime, anywhere access to their digital workspaces on any device with confidence.

Adaptive Log and Analytic

Collect logs from your hybrid environment (on-premise and cloud).Use tools like log reduce and log compare to sift through millions of log lines.Create real-time dashboards by installing one of our apps or creating your own.